Manitoba Mineral Development Fund Supports Fifteen Mineral Development Projects in Northern Manitoba

Investments Spark Growth in Mining Sector and Help Build Strong Communities: Moses


TORONTO—The Manitoba government is proud to provide $3.3 million to fifteen mineral development projects through the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund, helping drive sustainable economic growth, create good jobs and build resilient communities, particularly in northern Manitoba, Economic Development, Investment, Trade and Natural Resources Minister Jamie Moses announced here yesterday evening.

“Manitoba continues to be a world leader in responsible mineral development,” said Moses. “These projects play a key role furthering Manitoba’s competitiveness in the mining sector while providing lasting advantages to local communities, including Indigenous peoples, while creating good jobs for northern Manitobans.”

Home to 29 critical minerals, Manitoba’s natural resources provide significant opportunity for economic growth in the province, noted Moses. These critical minerals are crucial for Manitoba’s growth as a low carbon leader and are essential to developing clean technologies that advance the green economy, the minister added.

Managed by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund (MMDF) supports northern economic development and mineral exploration projects that create Indigenous partnerships, increase local employment and stimulate investment.

The $3.3 million conditionally approved funding will result in over $37 million in total capital project investment to support mineral exploration activities, drill programs and supporting community engagement.

“Mineral exploration and development in Manitoba continues to create economic benefits for the province and for northern Manitoba,” said Chuck Davidson, president and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and chair of the MMDF Board. “Since the program launched in July 2020, the fund has approved more than $14.3 million towards a range of mining and economic development projects across Manitoba, authorized 83 projects, created 429 short-term jobs, 209 long-term jobs and 185 partnerships, and leveraged investments of $103 million.”

The approved projects include:

  • Alamos Gold (Lynn Lake);
  • Boreal Gold (Flin Flon);
  • Bit Space Development Ltd. (Flin Flon);
  • Core Nickel (Thompson);
  • Conduit Nickel (Thompson);
  • Critical Discoveries Ltd. (Snow Lake);
  • Exiro Minerals (Thompson);
  • Flying Nickel (Norway House);
  • Foremost Lithium (Snow Lake);
  • Kenorland Minerals (Thompson);
  • Kopore (Thompson);
  • NiCan Limited (Snow Lake);
  • NorCanGeo Ltd. (Thompson);
  • Testmark Laboratories (Thompson); and
  • Xtract Lithium (southwestern Manitoba).

“As we work to leverage opportunities in the critical mineral sector, our government acknowledges that responsible mineral development must include Indigenous people at the front end and also provide economic benefits for surrounding communities,” said Moses. “We will continue to advance economic reconciliation through meaningful partnerships with Indigenous communities, businesses and the mining sector in Manitoba.”

The Manitoba government has committed to annual investment in the MMDF of up to six per cent of tax revenues from the Mining Tax Act, which are collected on profit generated by mining businesses, the minister noted.

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