The MMDF aims is to grow the mineral development industry and stimulate economic development in northern Manitoba. Project funded by MMDF will benefit Manitoba’s economy and local communities alike, with a partnership-based approach to help grow the provincial economy together with Indigenous communities.

Building Strong Communities

MMDF’s mission is to grow the mineral development industry in Manitoba and strengthen economic partnerships to increase benefits to local communities.

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Strengthen Economic Partnerships

Increase economic partnerships between Indigenous communities & the mineral development industry.

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Strengthen the Mining Supply Chain

Support workforce and business development to strengthen the mining supply chain in Manitoba.

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Promote employment

Create and maintain short-term and long-term local employment opportunities.

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Provide training & education

Improve local training and education opportunities to build a skilled local workforce.

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Alleviate impacted regions

Diversify regional economies, particularly in areas of the province that are impacted by fluctuations in the mineral development industry.

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Stimulate investments

Encourage investment in the mineral development industry.

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