Annual Reports

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Approved in funding for projects
Disbursed to approved proponents
project applications submitted
Projects reviewed by the Application Review Committee
Projects approved by the MMDF board

Approved applications by applicant type

Project Funding by Applicant Type

Total Project Cost by Applicant Type

Indigenous Enterprise and Partnerships

Anticipated Outcomes

2 community partnerships
$262,200 dollars levereaged
2 long term jobs
50 short term jobs
4 partnerships
$4,517,420 dollars leveraged
2 Youth Training Opportunities

Mineral Exploration and Innovation

Anticipated Outcomes

52 employment opportunities
4 local training opportunities
4 community partnerships
$4,517,420 dollars leveraged
70 short term local employment opportunities
5 local training opportunities
5 community partnerships
20.6M project expenditures
5.1M invested in new mining technology and methods

Community Economic Development

Anticipated Outcomes

7 employment opportunities
$ 1,280,265
dollars leveraged
community partnerships
long term employment opportunities
$ 268,016
project expenditures
Capacity to attract over
$5Min local investment by 2023