Uptown Emporium

MMDF is providing Uptown Emporium $50,000 for the development of the ImagiNorthern Strategy. Uptown Emporium will use the funds to complete their data collection phase in order to sustainably implement their business model throughout the north.

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FAR Resources Inc.

MMDF is providing $300,000 to support exploration activities at the Jean Lake and Zoro Lithium sites located in the Snow Lake area. Funding from MMDF will support early exploration activities within the Jean Lake properties and a winter drill program within the Zoro Lithium properties.

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1911 Gold Corp.

MMDF is providing $300,000 towards 1911 Gold’s 2021/22 Regional Exploration Program in southeast Manitoba. The project involves exploration of the Company’s mineral dispositions extending east from Manigotagan to Beresford Lake. Funding from MMDF would go towards bedrock geological mapping, prospecting, rock geochemical sampling and surficial geochemistry in the designated areas.

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